Thursday, June 14, 2012

BARE - Bully Awareness Resistance Education

BARE, Bullying Awareness Resistance Education, Inc., or “BARE” for short, is a nonprofit corporation designed to meet the growing challenge of bullying in the schools and local community. We are organized under California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation laws and present a variety of services to schools and communities that need to take control of both physical and emotional violence. Our services include providing professional speakers to give presentations, educator training, and working with students and community leaders to further knowledge of effective anti-bully strategies and tactics. In addition, our online resources serve as a cornerstone for interested parties to learn more about how to stop bullying.

The BARE team is comprised of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as former and current educators, published writers, forensic economists, attorneys, and other occupations. The thread that unites our organization is a dedication to providing the awareness and knowledge needed to make our communities and schools free from the damaging acts of bullying. With our combined experience and training, we have a deep understanding of the psychological motivations for bullying behavior and the best way to counter the manifestations of these psychological issues.

BARE provides valuable programs that make a difference in your school climate.  BARE does not just come once and disappear.  BARE continues to support and encourage you as long as you let us.  BARE has engaging speakers and presenters, facilitators, and volunteers because we DARE TO CARE.

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