Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Teen Years - Don't Get Mad Get Through It -Parent's guide to surviving the teenage years without tearing your hair out

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By Sarah Newton

Parents, are you ready to finally stop the never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and repeating yourself endlessly?

If you ask most parents what they want for their children, most will answer, “I want them to be happy, healthy and confident.” Ask parents of teenagers and most will say, “I just wish they would do as I tell them!” The teenage years can feel like a never-ending cycle of disagreements, arguing and endless repetition.

TV star and author Sarah Newton will share with you how to survive the teen years without pulling your hair out. In Sarah’s new book you will discover:

1. The biggest parenting mistake you are making and how to stop it.
2. How to teach your teen that there is more to life than gimme, gimme, gimme?
3. How to encourage your teen to take responsibility and start doing things without you having to nag.
4. How to to discipline your teen without starting World War Three?

Get back in the driver’s seat and take the first steps to build a more peaceful and harmonious home life.
If your teenager thinks that rules and regulations don’t apply to them and you are just a glorified ATM,
then this book may change their life.

Learn how to say No confidently and deal with any repercussions.
Learn sure fire ways to get what you need done without resorting to shouting.
Stop nagging and give your teen empowering choices.

Try Sarah's methods out at home and see what a difference her practical, no-nonsense advice can make to your family life.

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