Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SOBERLINK Family - Monitoring Promotes Accountability and Your Teens


Soberlink is a patent pending medical device that remotely monitors a person's blood alcohol level without being physically present. Soberlink compiles a sobriety report that transmits to a web-based monitoring portal for counselors to review.

Monitoring helps promote accountability with your teenagers: 
  • It is proven that families who use monitoring techniques provide their children with one more good reason to say "NO" in the face of social pressures.

  • Proactive parents desire their children to be successful in every aspect of life. Most teenagers want to make the right decision, but compromise when faced with a moment of social pressure and peer expectation.

  • The accountability of SOBERLINK empowers your teenager to make the right choices in the moments that matter most.

 Learn more at www.SoberLink.net.

Watch then video of how SOBERLINK works here.

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