Sunday, January 16, 2011

Best Kept Secret - Part 2 of The Pink Locker Society

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I just loved Debra Moffitt's Pink Locker Society - almost as much as my 12 year old niece did! 

Now part 2 is here!  Best Kept Secret!  I am so excited to read it.  I am anxiously waiting for it. 

From Amazon: 

At the end of "Only Girls Allowed", the first book in the "Pink Locker Society" series, readers were left with a cliff hanger when the society was abruptly shut down by the principal of Margaret Simon Middle School, thanks to hacking by the ever-popular and charismatic Taylor. But Jemma, Piper, and Kate won't be kept down!

At the start of "Best Kept Secret", "The Pink Locker Society" is back in action, featuring the same three smart and savvy 8th graders on their mysterious mission - to help other middle school girls by answering their questions about anything, especially the PBBs (Periods, Bras, and Boys). But this time, the girls are running the show from the spooky school basement, without any adult help. They'll discover why the society was shut down years before, and learn that they'll need to watch their backs to stay afloat.

All the while, Jemma is dealt a rude awakening when her beautiful best friend, Piper, secretly asks Forrest to the annual Backwards Dance. Yes, That Forrest - Jemma's epic crush! Will Jemma and Piper resolve their differences? And will the Pink Locker Society survive? For now, the fate of the friendship and the society are Best Kept Secret, but Jemma may soon unlock the secret behind the pink doors once and for all.

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