Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

It launched, it roared and it's burning up Blogs, websites and media all over the country, including South Florida. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was released today by author and mother, Amy Chua.
  • No sleepovers.
  • No playdates.
  • No television. (Whoa, that would be tough and probably not such a bad idea with today's reality line-up of television).
  • No computer games.
  • No say in what your activities would be.
  • No school plays.
  • Must play violin or piano.
  • Must always get an 'A' in school.
This is only part of the way Amy Chua raised her two daughters, Sophia and Louisa. In her recent book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, she describes her determination to raise successful daughters in a strict fashion contrary to what she sees as modern American standards.  
Some are calling this extreme parenting.

Sandra M. from Ft. Lauderdale said, "I am not sure this is allowing children to be children, but I also can see that some of her philosophy would be beneficial for today's kids."  Sandra went on to say, "It isn't a secret many American children have entitlement issues and many parents give too much."

Joseph T. from Lauderhill, father of two teenage boys said, "It all seems a bit too rigid, but I won't deny my boys do need more structure and discipline.  Working two jobs and trying to keep the house, it can be impossible to be the perfect parent, but that isn't an excuse, it is just reality today.  My wife lost her job of 12 years, so we needed to supplement our income."

Leona P. from Sunrise, a single mother of a teenage daughter said, "It sounds like she had some struggles, but in the real world we all can't afford those piano or violin lessons, not having TV would be like not ever having a break myself.  I think she has some valid points, but I also believe it is not reality for most families."

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