Sunday, October 17, 2010

Teen Help - Parent Help - Wit's End - Struggling Teens and Parents

P.U.R.E. - Author of Wit's End.
Are you at your wit's end with your teenager?  Searching online for help and realize it is a big business out there?  Don't get sucked in by slick sales reps, clearing houses marketing a group of programs that financially support them - take the time to do your homework and research.

Learn more about Parents Universal Resource Experts (P.U.R.E.).  Founded by a parent and run by parents that have been where you are. 

We recognize that each family is different with a variety of needs. P.U.R.E. believes in creating Parent Awareness to help you become an educated parent in the teen help industry. We will give you a feeling of comfort in a situation that can be confusing, stressful, frustrating, and sometimes desperate.

Fill our a free consultation form today.  All information is kept private - it is not sold or forwarded to any schools or programs.

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