Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Yoursphere - Get Inspired: Where Kids Create, Connect, Share...

Most importantly - safety and privacy comes first!

Meet Yoursphere offers a vibrant, online, interactive, experience for kids and teens. Member’s safety and privacy come first through the application of common sense safeguards. The site devotes a hyper-focus towards supporting the positive interests, talents and aspirations of its members.

The site is free and is exclusively for children and young people through age 18. Yoursphere offers members a unique online community experience that is rewards-based, content appropriate, age-relevant, and socially conscious.

Yoursphere leads the global social media industry in online safety through our unparalleled common sense approach. We verify identities, require parental consent, perform a predator check, and use both technology and human oversight to monitor site activity. Because of these standards, Yoursphere is the sole youth-only online community approved by the Privacy Vaults Online Safe Harbor of the Federal Trade Commission.
Parents are empowered and educated with tools and information to help create a safety-first experience for their children online through Mary Kay’s Internet and Social Networking Safety Blog: Yoursphere for Parents.

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