Thursday, September 2, 2010

Children Now: Promotes Talk With Your Kids

Our nation’s leaders often speak of children being a priority, yet the reality is that children continue to be underrepresented and under-funded by state and federal policymakers. Their well-being is steadily declining because our political system is driven by the interplay and competition among interest groups.

Interest groups rely on the established sources of political power—organized constituencies, lobbying dollars and campaign contributions—to get results. Since children are, after all, just children, they currently do not have any source of political power behind them. They have no competitive voice in this system.

“But they’re children,” you may be thinking, “aren’t their issues treated differently?” They are not. Over 20 years of experience on the front lines and the opinions of the top political analysts with whom we’ve strategized tell us that children are subject to the same political forces as any other issue.

Children Now—and your participation in The Children’s Movement—gives children the source of political power they need. Together, we can hold policymakers and industry more accountable by giving children a stronger voice in interest group-driven politics. We, as a unified force, can bring attention to the tremendous opportunities our society has in establishing better policies and practices concerning our children.

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