Friday, January 8, 2010

Sue Scheff: Social Networking Safety - Join for free today

If you are a parent of any child in today's virtual world, you need to be educated beyond your children "technically." You can employ as many safety gadgets and privacy tools on your computer system and your child's cell phones, but unless you are teaching your kids about the danger that lurks online, you are not 100% protected!

Yoursphere has taken steps to create a safe space for your kids today. Mary Kay Hoal, founder of Yoursphere, also recognizes that education is second to none when it comes to keeping our kids safe online. This is why she recently created Social Networking Safety group on Facebook and plans to expand into LinkedIn.

Are you interested in finding out more ways to keep your kids safe in cyberspace? Advice about protecting your children against Internet Predators? How to talk to your kids about the importance of keeping it clean online? Teaching them about what goes online - stays online, not to mention can go viral. Your first choice college may only be a dream if you are not proactive with your virtual presence. What are the boundaries for befriending teachers?

Join Social Networking Safety today and stay in tune with the latest information on keeping your family safe in space. It's free, informational and educational!

Be an educated parent, you will have safer kids!

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