Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sue Scheff: Frog Or Prince? The Smart Girl's Guide To Boyfriends

Frog Or Prince? The Smart Girl's Guide To Boyfriends
By Kaycee Jane

The frog and the prince in the title of the book are metaphors for either a healthy relationship experience or its opposite. Healthy relationship criteria will help you make better choices--for example, choosing who your boyfriend is, and whether to stay in a relationship or to exit. They'll help you figure out other important stuff like whether or not your boyfriend loves you and if jealousy is a sign that he does. And they'll help you deal with things that come up in relationships, such as a boyfriend not making enough time for you, flirting with other girls, cheating on you, or breaking up with you.

Every girl dreams of living happily ever after with her Prince-- but how do you tell a Prince from a Frog? This book follows Natalie, Meghan, Ella and Elizabeth through their relationships, as they gain the skills to determine if the guy they're with is the right guy for them. Or as one reviewer put it "it is an opportunity for the reader to identify with one or all of the four girls--Natalie, Meghan, Elizabeth and Ella--who each discover who they are or who they become when they are with their guy."

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