Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Idea: #MyMomRocks Challenge

Don't miss the #iCANHELP #MyMomRocks Challenge that starts May 1st, 2015!

National nonprofit #icanhelp is launching a campaign for Mother’s Day to show that My Mom Rocks. During the month of May we want you to share all of the great things that your mom does or has done to make your life awesome. This event kicks off on May 1, 2015. So be sure to share how much your mom rocks and be a positive warrior on the web.
  1. Change your profile picture to your mom.
  2. Share a story about your mom.
  3. Share the #icanhelp Mom Video and write a compliment about your mom
  4. Text your mom and tell her how much you appreciate her.
  5. Always use #mymomrocks #icanhelp.
About #icanhelp
Kim Karr & Matt Soeth co-founded a program called #iCANHELP. Inspired by a concerned student after a fake and damaging Facebook page that was created about local teacher, Kim realized that STUDENTS WANTED TO DO SOMETHING about all the bullying and negativity on social media sites. The #iCANHELP message is clear- one person has the power to make a difference and delete negativity online and in his or her life. #icanhelp has traveled all over California speaking to middle and high schools rallying POSITIVE WARRIORSwho are ready to combat negativity.
#iCANHELP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
To learn more about this event, please contact:
Matthew Soeth
Office: 925.202.1112

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