Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Words Wound Video Contest

Across the country, schools are looking for solutions to curb the rising problem of online bullying. Justin Patchin, Ph.D., and Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., the authors of the new cyberbullying prevention resource, Words Wound, think the answer lies in teens themselves. Full of strategies for dealing with online bullying, their book also shares stories from teens who are working to make their schools and communities kinder places.

We believe that teens are uniquely positioned to put an end to cyberbullying. More than parents, teachers, counselors, coaches, and law enforcement—teens have the power and ability to make it cool to respect and care about others.

This is where the Words Wound Video Contest comes in: We want to hear your ideas about how teens can use technology and the Internet to make schools better, safer places for other teens. How can we delete cyberbullying and make kindness go viral?


Create a short video (three minutes or less) responding to this question, “How can teens use technology and the Internet to make schools better, safer places for other teens?” Share efforts that are successful at your school or dream up completely new solutions. Get creative! Perform a slam poem, make a mini-documentary about your school, or act out a scenario using stop motion animation. Your imagination (well, that and your video editing skills. . .) is the only limit.
All entries must be posted on YouTube.  Do not send your video to Free Spirit.  After posting your video, email the link and following information to publicity@freespirit.com. Submitted videos will be accessible to the public via the Free Spirit YouTube channel. All entries made by students under age 18 must be submitted by a teacher, parent, or guardian.

Contact information should include the following:
  1. The name and email address of the teacher, parent, or guardian submitting the entry.
  2. The name(s) of the student or students that produced the entry.
  3. The name of the school or K–12 academic institution that the student(s) attend.
  4. The link (URL address) to the YouTube video.
The winning entry will receive a $250 cash prize along with a $250 gift certificate for their teacher or school library.
The winning entry will be selected by Free Spirit’s Teen Advisory Council. Entries will be judged based on:
  • Creativity of the solution
  • Perceived effectiveness
  • Quality of the submission—Is it both informative and entertaining?
April 15, 2014: Last day to submit an entry. Submissions close at midnight.
April 30, 2014: A winner will be notified via email and announced on the Free Spirit blog.
Participation in the Contest is subject to the Official Rules, which are available here.

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