Thursday, January 23, 2014

Data Privacy Day 2014

Privacy is a word that is becoming more and more in hot topics today.

Thursday, January 28th, presented by StaySafeOnline is Data Privacy Day. 

Data Privacy Day, encourages everyone to make protecting privacy and data a greater priority. DPD is an effort to empower and educate people to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint. 
Some quick privacy tips from StaySafeOnline for teens and young adults:
Do you own your online presence?Use the safety and security settings on online services and adjust them to your own comfort levels of sharing. Think about how and with whom you share information.Be smart online and keep your reputation in mind.

Are you old enough?Many online services, including social networks sites, require you to be a certain age. Be sure to check before creating a profile. Popular sites like Facebook require you to be 13 or older.  Sites that are for younger people have special requirements about how they handle your information. Don’t lie about your age. For a list of sites for younger people visit

Do you know this person?Be cautious about who you “friend” and communicate with online. Make sure you really know the person. People aren’t always who they say are or what their profile includes. As always, be leery and limit or have no contact with strangers.

Would you want your teacher or grandmother to see it? Things have a way of getting around on the Internet. Just because you send a photo or a message to a friend does not mean they are the only ones who will see it. Think before you send something and make sure to keep your online reputation in mind.

Would you want someone else to do the same to you?Respect others and only post or share something online if you know the other person is comfortable with the content.

If you have a smartphone, are you protecting it?Make sure to secure it with a strong password, understand how the location services work and can be adjusted, and know what personal information your apps use and share.

Would you give a stranger your personal information? Never share personal information online, like your phone number, home address, passwords, full date of birth, class schedule or vacation plans.

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