Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An Unimaginable Act by Erin Merryn

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"An Unimaginable Act is a wake-up call to society on a silent epidemic one brave confident woman refuses to stay silent about. Through the trauma and obstacles she has faced in her life, Erin takes readers on a remarkable journey of resilience, faith, courage, and forgiveness. She shares how she turned tragedy into triumph, which has led her on an unstoppable crusade to give children the voice she never had as a child through a very important law that will protect children for generations to come."- Actress Julianna Margulies 

By Sharing her personal struggles through the pain she has suffered at the hands of her perpetrators, author Erin Merryn proves that one person can make a difference. Simply by speaking out and bringing the subject of child sexual abuse to the forefront, she has created a wave of change.

An Unimaginable Act follows Erin on a remarkable journey in rousing America from its dormant stance on sexual-abuse education through her self-proposed mandate known as Erin's Law. This thought-provoking book serves as an extension of this law by providing victims, parents, families, and educators with the knowledge they need to stop and prevent this silent epidemic.

Inside you will find

*A list of key organizations that offer essential support for victims and caregivers
*Crucial warning signs that an abused child might display
*Seven steps to protecting children (Darkness to Light)
* Recommended reading to aid in healing

Erin recounts how she suffered in silence as a childhood victim of rape and molestation, and her struggles with a rare brain disorder. Bravely, she rebuilt her life through sheer determination, faith in God, and using positive outlets. Finding her voice at last. She transformed herself from a struggling frail victim to the 2012 Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year. Her ongoing mission to assure the passing of Erin's Law in all fifty states has garnered her the attention of politicians and celebrities across the nation.

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