Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Heart of Gold Girls

Explore your dreams ~ Share your vision ~ Design your future....


Heart of Gold is a supportive online environment which provides girls with the tools, information, and inspiration to explore and connect with their personal passion, be innovative and creative risk-takers, engage in entrepreneurship, volunteerism and social activism, and design the future of their dreams.

Aimed at girls ages 13 and up, Heart of Gold uses its unique approach, practical girl-focused content, and inventive, interactive environment, to deliver on its mission while focusing on 4 distinct areas:

Entrepreneurship: In our Entrepreneurship channel, girls find in-depth, how-to information on all aspects of starting and building a business; inspiring profiles of successful women and teen entrepreneurs; access to entrepreneurial experts for Q&A; and opportunities for sharing ideas, creating support, and connecting with like-minded girls.

Social Activism: Our  Activism channel provides changemakers with information and resources for promoting their causes from a position of strength and confidence; a place to spread the word about the issues they care about most; profiles of outstanding social change agents; and a supportive environment where the values of social responsibility are fostered and embraced.

Volunteerism: Heart of Gold’s Volunteering channel focuses on generosity and giving back, and offers ideas for helping girls choose volunteer activities that allow them to explore their passions while having a true impact; strategies for translating volunteer experience into real-world goal setting and achievement; an interactive tool for identifying volunteer opportunities in their community; and inspirational profiles of other teen volunteers.

Self-Exploration and Self-Care: Heart of Gold knows that girls who take care of themselves – mind, body, and soul – are more likely to reach for and achieve their dreams. In our Lifestyle section, girls are provided with confidence-building strategies to boost their self-esteem; practical advice on goal-setting and college and career planning; and self-care information with a special focus on health and wellness. Lifestyle also reviews appropriate books, movies, TV shows, and other media.

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