Sunday, May 26, 2013

Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life

By John E. Mayer

In Family Fit: Find Your Balance in Life, John E. Mayer outlines a program to alter negative eating behaviors and change the social/emotional forces that contribute to obesity in all family members regardless of age. The program is based on three pillars of planned Diet and Nutrition, fun Activities for the family, and Motivational words of encouragement and praise. The book also includes planning tools, examples, and real-life stories to ensure success and make the reading fun.

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“Dr. John Mayer has invented an ingenious solution to the epidemic of childhood obesity that masquerades as an enjoyable family outing.

His unique approach employs the latest research on human health and behavior and is shaped by his 30 years experience as a beloved family pychologist.

Effective and fun, Dr. Mayer’s program can help anyone achieve extraordinary fitness.”
—Mark Bryan, founding member of Oprah’s Change Your Life Team

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