Saturday, February 16, 2013

Small Voices Silenced

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By Sherrie Clark

Darryl and Sherrie Clark had never intended to become foster parents; they didn't think they could handle becoming attached to a child and then having to give her back. But they took a chance with their hearts and became foster-to adopt parents. Their lives changed forever. * * * They couldn't be happier when they learn they'll be adopting the two little girls they had been fostering. Then unexpectedly, everything changes. The Clarks race against time to save their foster children, who are "positioned" to become sacrificial lambs.

They're surprised to discover how the system silences the voices of the foster children. But it doesn't stop there. When they struggle to expose the deceit, manipulation, and corruption occurring within this powerful establishment, it silences their voices as well. In Small Voices Silenced, author Sherrie Clark reveals her family's experiences after being inducted into this secret society where even some of its members are unaware of its existence.

She shares her suspenseful journey into this unique world where laws designed to protect children are twisted, leading to further victimization of these same children. When this appalling practice is applied to their small foster girls, it shakes Darryl's and Sherrie's faith to the very core. Then they're given a second chance. But will it lead to another heartbreak, or will it be an answer to prayer?

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