Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ten to Twenty Parenting

Ten to Twenty Parenting is a place you can come to determine whether your teen/tween’s crazy behavior is normal, or if you should go ahead and place the order for that straightjacket you’ve been considering.

As parents, we’re past trying to determine why our babies won’t sleep through the night or why our toddler is having tantrums. Now, we’re at why won’t be 13 year old talk to me, when should I let my teen go on their first date and how do I talk REALLY talk to them about sex? We’re watching them deal with bullies and mean girls – when do we sit back to let them figure it out and when do we jump in and help out?

We are an open community and realize that it takes a village to raise our kids and encourage other parents to contribute.

So take two aspirin, grab a glass of wine or a cup of Joe, and talk to some people who will actually listen to you and not roll their eyes (at least not that you can see). Go ahead, join and fill out your profile. Let’s get this community growing!

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