Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Papersalt - Simple Tools for Families

What a great resource of books and journals as well as other resources for families!

Papersalt has something for everyone and every age range.

Who are they?

We are a division of Revolution, a Seattle marketing and printing company founded in 2003.
We specialize in employee training and recognition, building content to inspire and influence people.
We are parents. We have spent years building content around families.
At our best as parents and family members, we still always need help. That’s why we started Papersalt.
Building and nurturing your family is the hardest thing you’ll do. With so much media in front of us, we realize that simple, memorable, engaging content is extremely effective.
Content for all books, games and artwork is researched and written by us and our families. And we produce all of the items in our Seattle facility.

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Papersalt Launches New Product Line of Tools for Families

Seattle, WA- Seattle’s Revolution, Inc. recently launched their new product line Papersalt. Papersalt creates simple, effective, to-the-point books for kids and parents, giving families an effective set of tools that can be used in all stages of learning.

Recently mentioned on the Macaroni Kids site, Papersalt products are not only unique, but a truly thoughtful idea. The creators spent years building the content around families… The books feature everything from table manners and ways for families to be healthier, to driving do’s & don’ts and things moms would like their kids to remember as they grow up.”
 –Macaroni Kid, Snoqualmie

“I got ‘Being a Girl'. I read it to my daughters yesterday. My 5 year old wanted to read it herself again later....then again today...3 times”
-Tiffany (Goldthwaite, TX)

“I got "We Do", I read it to the kids right away and we are going to be using it as an awesome tool for our family from now on!!!”
-Lindsay (Big Lake, MN)

Papersalt products are made by and for parents with the hope that kids will pay more attention to the family-based ideas in each book. With just enough content and creative designs, these books are a useful way to translate life lessons into simple yet memorable advice.

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All products can be viewed at www.papersalt.com

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