Thursday, March 29, 2012

i-Walk: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

Please GET BLUE and join in i-Walk to keep America’s children safe! Every April, the nation unites to raise awareness and educate the public about child abuse and violence against children.

To signify the importance of the month please celebrate your children on National Love Our Children Day on April 14th.

You can unite online by participating in the virtual i-Walk and gain the support of your friends, family and your community to help keep kids safe – and you don’t even have to leave your home!
Each year, over 3 million children in our country were reported abused or neglected and through public awareness, community education, and support programs, these astounding numbers will be reduced.

Love Our Children USA™ offers you an opportunity to join this national movement in your very own community. You can be the voices for children by participating in GET BLUE campaign and i-walking to remind everyone about the importance of America’s kids, and how we can share in preventing all violence and neglect against children.

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Register yourself as a virtual walker today!!!

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