Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Class Wish Web Thrift Store

Making a difference.
You know how deep the school budget cuts have been!  Now, your child doesn’t have to sit in a classroom that doesn’t have enough supplies and equipment.  Now, teachers don’t have to spend their own money just to provide the basics.

An exciting nonprofit has a new solution. 

Here’s an easy new way that all of us can turn unused household items into resources for the classroom of our choice:     

You list items on the site.  Visitors buy.  And a full 80% of the purchase price will go to help fulfill a Wish List for the K-12 teacher or PTA/PTO you choose, so your child and others can perform at their best.  It gets even better: you will receive a tax-deduction for the value of the item (generally, the full purchase price).  

Imagine what a well-equipped classroom your child could have if all the parents participate!

To get the greatest exposure for your items, list them today so the first buyers see them when we start selling on October 21. 

The web thrift store is brought to you, the nonprofit about which Sarah Brown Wessling, 2010 National Teacher of the Year, wrote, “This nonprofit is a swift and inventive way for communities to unite in support of the tools that make learning more accessible for all students.”

Please list your items today.  Tell your child’s teacher and the school’s PTA.  And be sure to tell other parents about this great new opportunity. 
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