Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sue Scheff: Preventing Hazing by Susan Lipkins

Preventing Hazing: How Parents, Teachers, and Coaches Can Stop the Violence, Harassment, and Humiliation by Susan Lipkins
Preventing Hazing is the first and only book on hazing to include methods and techniques to help parents, teachers, and coaches prevent hazing in their communities. Writtenwithclarity and passion, this much-neededbook uncovers the deep roots of hazing, how and why it permeates schools, colleges, and communities year after year. Readers will learn how to recognize the warning signs, what do if a child/student has been involved in a hazing (either as a victim, bystander, or perpetrator), how to deal with the moral, legal, and emotional aspects of hazing, and, ultimately, how to heal and move forward both as an individual and as a community. True stories from across the United States are interspersed throughout the book to underline the severity and prevalence of the problem.
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