Friday, January 23, 2009

Sue Scheff: Don't Hit Send Just to Fit In by Danielle Tiano

Don t Hit Send Just to Fit In teaches kids and parents about just how easy it is to become a cyber bully, or to be bullied online. Studies say that almost all kids are affected by bullying, but today the bully has a new playground....computers, cell phones and social networking sites. Don t Hit Send Just to Fit In tells the story of a group of good kids who are affected by not only bullies but also by their own behavior as they become bullies themselves.
Through the help of positive adults and a magical keyboard, they learn better ways to be liked and to fit in. The Temptation Series tackles tough topics relating to tweens and technology such as Internet pornography, cell phone use and abuse, and cyber bullying. The series offers parents information and tools for raising their children to become more emotionally and socially healthy.
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